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Sunset Shores Application for Site Rental
(This is an application for approval and does not mean that you are approved as the owner will review all applications and get back with you) Red Asterisk is a required entry to save this application. Blue Asterisk is a required entry for Sunset Shores to process the application.

*Date of Arrival: *Expected length of stay(days): Must be 30 days or more
*Your Full Name: Name of Spouse:
*Permanent or Mailing address: *City: *State: *Zipcode:
one requiredHome Phone: Office Phone: Cell Phone:
*Email Address:
*Drivers License: *State
Present Employer: Kind of Work: How Long? Retired: yes
Employer address: City: State: Zipcode: Phone:
List name, age, relationship of all other persons occupying premises:
Name: Age: Relationship:
Name: Age: Relationship:
Name: Age: Relationship:
(List any daily guests below)

*Do you have a pet?: yes noIf yes, what kind
If a dog, what is breed? Weight: Age:

List all vehicles to be parked on premises:
*Brand RV: *Length *Year *Lic. #: *State
Second Vehicle: Length Year Lic. #: State
Third Vehicle: Length Year Lic. #: State
(Vehicles may only be parked at site, not on grass, in street or adjacent sites – a 2nd vehicle must be parked in area designated by Sunset Shores) No boats or trailers may be parked in Sunset Shores at any time.

In case of emergency, notify: Name
Emergency Contact Info: Address City State Zip
Relationship Business phone Home/Cell phone

Do you expect any guests? If so,
Name Relationship Length of stay
Name Relationship Length of stay
Name Relationship Length of stay
(Guest parking will be area adjacent to RV site #1 near entrance or such other site designated by Sunset Shores - no parking on adjacent site, street or grass)

Additional Comments:

By submitting this form, the above applicant represents that he/she agrees to abide by the rules and regulations and that the above statements are true and complete and hereby authorize verification of such information. False information given above shall entitle owner to (1) reject this application (2) retain any deposit as liquidated damages, and (3) terminate resident’s right of occupancy. False information may also constitute a serious criminal offense under the laws of this State.
Date of Application: 06/17/2024

*Validation Question: What Noise Does a Cow Make?

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